“Show Me” Rapper Swift Plays The Christmas Song Challenge

Streetz own “Ayeeedubb” chopped it up with Swift about his new tape and got into the festive competition spirit by playing the Christmas Song Challenge!


Ayeeedubb Interviews CEO of The Queen City Awards, Kevan Glover

I had the ultimate pleasure of sitting down with the CEO of The Queen City Awards, a show that takes place every year in Charlotte, Mr. Kevan Glover as he talks about how he got started as a mogul and innovator and what all surprises we can expect from the awards show this year. Follow me on instagram! @ayeeedubb Check out my website - Like me on Facebook - ayeeedubb Talk to me and I'll talk back, ju heard.

Card B is becoming disabled… The B stands for blind!

Cardi B Says She’s Going Blind From Lack Of Sex

Poor Cardi needs some attention from her rapper fiancee. The Grammy-nominated rapper recently let her Twitter followers know that she’s in desperate need of loving from her Bando bae Offset—so much so that she thinks she’s going blind.

“It’s been 13 days without NO D***!I’m losing eyesight on my left,” wrote the rapper.

Oh No Baby, What Is YOU Doing? Black Twitter Discovers Catfish-Y N-Word Slinging Dan Rue Is Actually White

White Viral Star Dan Rue Gets Dragged For Saying N*gga

Damn! Twitter just dragged one half of the viral team Dan Rue and Nick Joseph back to the bayou after a video clipped showed Dan “The Man” saying he’s “ok” with being  white and saying “ni-ga”. He says that because his Black associate says the word “cracker”, he’s clear. This one clip caused twitter the spiral for several reasons:

  1. Folks thought Dan was mute.
  2. Folks thought Dan was Black.
  3. Dan’s excuse for loving the N-word was dumb as hell.
  4. Nick barely reacted in the clip

Take a look: