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Tupac Signed Contract For ‘Thug Life: Volume 1’ Up For Auction

Tupac Fans! Another item belonging to the late great #TupacShakur is up for auction!┬áTupac’s signed contract with his hip hop group Thug life is on sale!!!!

Tupac signed the 58-page contract back in July of 1994. The contract was for their deal with Interscope Records, where they released their only album ” Thug Life. Volume 1.”

Heritage Auction will place the contract on the auction block on April 15th for 6,000!!

Step ya cookies up if you want that signed contract !



Rapper Rick Ross Back Home After Being Hospitalized

#TradiaWithTheTea #JustTradia

Rapper Rick Ross has returned home after being hospitalized last week over rumored heart attack Sources confirm Rozay returned home early Monday morning after being in the hospital for four days.

Ross was battling for his life after reports surfaced he was on life support to help his breathing.The life support machine took over the function of his heart and lungs.

Welcome Home Rozay!