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Soulja Boy Launches His Own Video Game Consoles!

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Soulja boy knows how to make that money!! He is stepping into new ventures! he is recently diving into the tech game, he recently released a new gaming console.

He took to twitter to show a few previews of what his new gaming console looks like and how it works! The console itself is $149.99 and the handheld is $99.99.

Will you be checking out his new game console?

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Tyler Perry Paid For All Of The Layaways At Two Georgia Walmarts!

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Tyler Perry is the black Santa this year for a few lucky people in Georgia! he announced that he paid for all layaways at two Georgia walmarts, he took to instagram to share the amazing news!

“You you have a layaway at the Walmart 844 Cleveland Ave in East Point Georgia in Atlanta or if 7001 Concourse Parkway Douglasville, GA and it was in there as of 9:30 this morning, I have paid for all of your lawaways for Christmas” Said Tyler Perry!

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Kevin Hart Steps Down From Hosting The Oscars After Old Tweets Resurface

Kevin Hart recently announced that he will be the new host for the Oscars! he took to social media to announce the exciting news! That excitement came to a quick end after Kevin Hart’s old tweet resurfaced!

After the internet bashed Kevin Hart for his homophobic old tweets he announced on social media that he will be stepping down as this years Oscar host, he was asked to apologize in order to be this years host but he refused to apologize just to be this years host, however, he did  apologize to the #LGBTQ community and anyone else that he offended.

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