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The Breakfast Club Recap!The Cast Of ‘Dear White People’ Talks Interracial Dating, Use Of The N-Word + More

Netflix’x Dear White People is back with season two! Watch the cast talk about the upcoming season and race topics relevant to what’s going on today!

Will Adidas Drop Kanye West

Mr.West name has been all over the media recently, and some will say his recent statements are more than controversial and maybe even barbaric. Fans are confused because they love his music but can’t figure out if they want to stand by someone who stated things like “Slavery was a choice”.

It’s no secret Kanye has a creative mind when it comes to apparel, especially with his shoes. Adidas has been partners with Kanye since he left Nike in 2013, however thousands people are fed up with his actions and words and they have started a petition that support Adidas dropping West from their company.

As of now Adidas has no intentions of dropping him.

The Breakfast club recap! T.I Stops by to speak on Kanye West

T.I Stopped by to talk about Kanye West and how their song “Ye vs the people” came about

Charlamagne Thagod exclusive interview with Kanye West ! Full Video

Charlamagne Thagod sat down with rapper Kanye West on his recent actions and beliefs on why he supports President Donald Trump


The Breakfast Club Recap!!

Today The Breakfast Club team sat down with Janelle Monae to discuss her new album, working with Prince, among other things. If you missed it stream the interview down below.


Waffle House Shooter in Custody!

Travis Reinking was arrested by authorities for allegedly killing four people at a Waffle House in the Nashville region. Police say they found Reinking, 29, hiding in the woods near the restaurant. They uncovered a book bag with a .45 caliber pistol and ammunition in it. He is now being held at the Hill Detention Center, on four counts of criminal homicide. He was granted a bond of $2 million; $500,000 for each murder.
Authorities say Reinking walked inside the Waffle House in Antioch around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, and opened fire. Four people were left dead, and 2 Injured. Witnesses say he continued shooting, stopping only to reload. James Shaw Jr. (below) took the opportunity to wrestle the gun away from the gunman. The gunman then ran out of the Waffle House, starting a manhunt that would last for 34 hours.

Police were tipped off by a local resident who said they found a I.D. Card of Reinking nearby, ultimately leading to his arrest. Reinking has had a history of run ins with the police. He has been accused of showing signs of mental illness, which led to his gun permits and guns being taken away. Police say they gave the guns to his father, Jeffrey Reinking, who promised he would keep them safe. The gun used in the shooting was one of the ones originally taken from him. His father admits he gave his son the guns back, and now is in jeopardy of being charged in the case.