50 Cent Casts Diddy’s Son In New Show


Diddy’s son Quincy is set to have a role in another new television show 50 Cent has in the pipeline.

As 50 Cent continues his promo run for ABC’s For Life, he hit the Breakfast Club where he revealed that Quincy has been cast in one of his shows. “His son, Quincy. He’s casted in one of the shows,” he explained. “It ain’t got nothing to do with Puffy. His work got him in it, you know? He been workin’, doin’ his thing.”

50 Cent and Diddy don’t have a great relationship due but Fif said that doesn’t actually affect his decision to work with the people around him. “I would never not work with Puffy’s kids or anybody around that. Like, if we had an issue, it’s an issue between me and him and we’ll talk about it,” he continued. He continued to explain that he previously saw Christian Combs at a show before security took alert that Fif was in the building. “I’m not gon’ mess with nobody kids. That’s Yayo with the slap your kids type of thing,” he added.

Check the interview below with the Quincy portion starting near the 9:30 mark.

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