Celebs Speak Out About Instagram and It’s Hidden Flaws


Not every artist gets along in such a competitive industry like entertainment. However, many celebrities are agreeing on common problems facing social media platforms.

Likes, comments, and opinions are starting to be a big pet peeve for influencers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Kim Kardashian. Over the weekend, these celebrities shared their desires to see a change in the addictive app known for photos, videos, ads, and much more. The app launched in 2010, with the idea of people showcasing their lives through pictures & videos to share amongst family and friends. Although the method behind the app may have been more genuine than it has surfaced to be now, it is becoming a significant aspect of mental health, deaths, and arguments.

Cardi B. shared on her IG story that she feels Instagram will be a better place if they “removed comments.” The rapper expressed that Instagram was supposed to be fun and has now shifted to the platform full of opinions and comments on others’ lives.

Nicki Minaj went to twitter to tell her fans about her discomfort about the social app. Stating in a tweet, “I’m not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing the likes. Hmmm, what should I get into now? Think of all the time I’ll have with my new life.” The mentions of her new life seem refreshing, especially when people are allowing this mobile application to affect their mental health.

Kim Kardashian speaks more about the effects of Instagram and mental health in an interview statement. “As far as mental health. I think taking the likes away and taking that aspect away from [Instagram] would be beneficial for people.” She also mentions that she is aware of conversations amongst the Instagram team and how they are actively listening to everyone’s take on removing likes and comments. Instagram has been adamant about resolving the issue while ensuring happy followers.

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