DaBaby’s Security Is Tired Of His Stage-Diving Antics: “This N***a Is The Worst”


Everywhere DaBaby goes, his massive bodyguard follows. Going by “Kane Kongg” online, the North Carolina emcee’s right-hand-man is a very big dude. He’s the type of man you don’t want to piss off. In the past, he’s been captured on video backing up his client in the most dangerous of situations. He even needed to explain himself after striking a woman in the back of the head last month. This time around, he was forced to follow his client into the crowd again after DaBaby literally did a cannonball onto a group of festival goers at Rolling Loud and Kane is fed up.

“This n*gga is the worse,” wrote the man on his personal social pages, telling the world that he’s had it with Baby’s shenanigans. From his reaction time, you can tell that Kane is getting tired of jumping into the crowd to get his mans on a nightly basis. This is just the kind of stuff he’ll need to continue dealing with though as long as he’s teamed up with Baby.

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