Kirk Franklin Vows to Boycott the Dove Awards


Gospel singer Kirk Franklin was edited to cut remarks on police brutality in America. It wasn’t the first time!

Gospel artist Kirk Franklin declares he is boycotting the Dove Awards after they cut the social justice bit of his acknowledgment discourse for the second year straight…

In a video posted online Kirk talks about the supposed contrast among “Christian” and “Gospel” music and the Dove versus the Stellar honors and proceeds to clarify how he felt moved as a Black man to address political turmoil first in 2016 for Philando Castile, an authorized to convey driver who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop for a busted tail night subsequent to declaring he was conveying a hid weapon and most as of late for Atatiana Jefferson who was slaughtered in her very own home by police who were required a welfare check since her neighbor saw her front entryway was open.

Clearly after the Dove Awards cut his discourse in 2016 they guaranteed it could never happen again, however after Kirk revolted against Atatiana Jefferson this week, that part was cut once again.

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