Motel 6 sued for $12 MILLION!

The attorney general of the great Washington state, Bob Ferguson has accused the motel chain known as Motel 6 of violating state privacy laws providing the federal agents their guest lists. Attorney General Bob Ferguson told reporters, “Motel 6 staff recognized ICE identify guests of interest to ICE, by circling guests with Latino-sounding names.”

The suit claims, agents from ICE came to multiple Motel 6 locations throughout Washington looking to find illegal immigrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement claims they received guest lists from a receptionist without proper documentation or a warrant. Guestlist information included things such as names, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers.

According to sources, Motel 6 has to pay a $12 million settlement in the lawsuit against the motel chain after it was revealed. A reported seven Motel 6 locations took part in handing over information of over 80,000 guests to ICE without a warrant over 2 years beginning in 2015. In a statement on the matter, Motel 6 stated the information disclosures “resulted in ICE’s targeted investigation of many guests with Latino-sounding names,” causing, “significant harmful consequences, including the detention and deportation of many guests and the suffering of their families.”

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