Organizers to march to Stop the Killing


There will be a march Saturday organized by the group Stop Killing our Children.

“Christmas, me and my kids don’t celebrate anymore,” Sonja Watt said.

Watt and Stephanie Harrison, along with dozens of others, will take to the streets for the Stop the Killing march.

Watt’s daughter, Laquanta Young, died in a tragic shooting on Labor Day in 2015.

Four others also died in shootings that Labor Day weekend, including a 7-year-old boy.

Watt and Harrison formed a support group for those impacted by violence.

“We’re doing this to honor our kids and all children that have been murdered in our city,” Harrison said.

“I want to be screaming to the community: ‘Stop the killing. Stop the violence,’” Watt said.

They plan on having marches monthly.

“Even though it’s a bad situation, we have to find some good in it, so this is our good in it,” Harrison said.

The march starts at 11:30 a.m. at the McCrorey YMCA on Beatties Ford Road.

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