Many Low Income Renters Are Facing Eviction Due To Government ShutDown

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Many hard working Americans are now facing eviction due to the Government Shut Down, thousand of low income renters are now facing the risk of losing their homes.

Americans that really rely on the Federal Government to help pay a portion of their rent could loose that assistance if the partial Government Shutdown continues. Many of these households include seniors and those with disabilities according to sources at the #HuffPost

A property manager told many tenants at properties in several areas that, “Until the government opens again, you are responsible for ALL of your rental amount,” threatening people with eviction if they don’t pay up by the 20th.

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Travis Scott Agreed To Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Under One Condition

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Travis Scott is doing big things! Last month we reported that Travis Scott will join #Maroon5 for the Super Bowl Halftime show,

well according to #Billboard, a source claims that Travis Scott required the NFL to make a donation to an organization fighting for social justice in order for him to sign as a performer for the show.

Travis Scott made a 500,000 donation in partnership with the NFL to “Social Justice Accelerator” Dreamscorps!

Travis Scott went on the say “I back anyone who takes a stand for what they believe in”

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Nick Young Investigated for Robbery

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Nba star #NickYoung is reportedly being investigated for robbery after allegedly striking a man in his private and took his phone for trying to take a pic with him.

According to sources over at TMZ, Law enforcement revealed they received a call on January 4th from a man saying he was assaulted by Nick Young.

The man stated he was trying to take a pic of Nick Young at a car wash in Los Angeles, he claims to just be a fan and not paparazzi, he even acknowledged that Nick Young did not want to take a picture, however he snuck the picture anyway causing Nick Young to snap

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R Kelly Reportedly Had Run-In With Police At A Chicago NightClub During His Bday Celebration

R Kelly was out celebrating his bday at a nightclub in Chicago but the police showed up to the club after receiving a call about a warrant for his arrest.

According to sources at #TMZ R.kelly was partying for his birthday at V75 Chicago when someone called the cops on him to say he was there and had a warrant out for his arrest!

The cops showed up to the club and made direct contact with R Kelly, However was unable to arrest him because there is not arrest warrant out for his arrest.

At this time it is unclear if the person who called the police was pranking him or not


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CIAA Tournaments Will No Longer Be Held In Charlotte NC After 2020

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Charlotte I know you hate to see CIAA go but after 2020, there will be no more tournaments held in Charlotte NC. CIAA  officials have confirmed that the tournaments will be taking over Baltimore, Maryland!

CIAA Board select City of Baltimore! Offical home of 2021-2023 men’s and women’s tournament” they wrote on an instagram post they also went on to say “Charm city see you soon”! according to sources the contract between CIAA and Charlotte NC ends in 2020, very touch loss for Charlotte.

They go on to say “What stood out about Baltimore was their vision of how the CIAA Basketball Tournament could be woven into the fabric of the city, James A. Anderson said. “Also Baltimores commitment to provide scholarships for the CIAA institutions and overall support of the businesses and hotels”.

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Many Of Americans Could Lose Food Stamps/WIC IF Government Shutdown Continues

The partial Government shut is affecting the everyday lives of Americans and losing food stamp assistance is another problem to add to the list.

Many Americans are faced with the possibility of losing their food stamps, school lunches and nutrition for pregnant women and even children if the partial government shutdown continues into the month of February.

The largest benefit at risk right now is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The agency said last month that the program is funded through January.

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