There could never be another.

Asiahn—pronounced “Ahh-zee-yahn”—breaks every mold. The three-time GRAMMY® Award nominated singer and songwriter defies classification both personally and creatively. The Charleston-raised and Los Angeles-based songstress brings an empowered female perspective, positive mindset, and a whole lot of raw attitude to simmering throwback R&B with soul to spare. On her independent Love Train EP series [SinceThe80s], she presents a full picture of this boundary-breaking singular signature style powered by her fierce and fiery individuality.

“Asiahn is me in my true form,” she exclaims. “Asiahn is a feminist. Asiahn is a nerd. Asiahn loves anime. Asiahn loves to cook. I believe in equal rights for everyone in every aspect. I’m always positive. I feel like my purpose is to help people live and love. I do that through music. Asiahn is here to shed light on whatever your truth is, whether you know it or not. By displaying some of the things I’ve been through, I might be able to help others.”

Initially, she made her mark from behind-the-scenes. A highly sought-after writer, she penned anthems for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Drake, Lil Wayne, and more. Countless fans experienced her voice on “Just Another Day” from Dr. Dre’s gold-certified final recording Compton and in the #1 Academy® Award-nominated N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. 2017 saw her receive widespread acceptance and praise as an artist on the first Love Train EP as songs like “Faded” and the title track generated millions of streams across platforms. However, she reveals her character further on 2019’s Love Train II.

“Love Train encompasses what the entire project is about,” she goes on. “I’m talking about the voice of love. I’m taking a journey and inviting listeners along.”

Right out of the gate, the initial single “NOLA” clocked upwards of 1.6 million Spotify streams as she unveiled a powerful accompanying music video depicting the narrative of a same-sex couple. Standing for “No Love in Los Angeles,” “NOLA” directly set the stage for the follow-up single “Lost In London,” following one thread. Over echoes of sparse production, her delicate delivery dips between sensual peaks and valleys as she confidently recounts an emotionally charged tryst in intimate detail.

“So, I go from no love in L.A. to getting lost in London,” explains Asiahn. “It’s the moment of a rebound. You meet someone new and feel completely different than what you had before. You forget everything, your heart mends, and you can get lost with this person. Of course, I’m a lesbian, so I wanted to paint that picture of a woman.”

Elsewhere, “Curiosity” details an encounter with “a straight friend who had a crush on me,” as she recalls. Anchored by a nocturnal beat and clever lyricism, Asiahn warns with a smile, “If you really want to do this out of curiosity, be prepared and put on your seatbelt.”

Love Train ushers both Asiahn and R&B forward at high speed. “There are two things I want you to see,” she leaves off. “First, I’d love for people to walk away from this feeling optimistic about love again. That’s how I end part II. I go from believing there’s no love anywhere to meeting someone. It comes from knowing yourself and loving yourself first. Keep loving. Keep living. Also, I’d love for you to think, ‘Oh my God, that bitch is the shit’,” she laughs.



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