CIAA Tournaments Will No Longer Be Held In Charlotte NC After 2020


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Charlotte I know you hate to see CIAA go but after 2020, there will be no more tournaments held in Charlotte NC. CIAA  officials have confirmed that the tournaments will be taking over Baltimore, Maryland!

CIAA Board select City of Baltimore! Offical home of 2021-2023 men’s and women’s tournament” they wrote on an instagram post they also went on to say “Charm city see you soon”! according to sources the contract between CIAA and Charlotte NC ends in 2020, very touch loss for Charlotte.

They go on to say “What stood out about Baltimore was their vision of how the CIAA Basketball Tournament could be woven into the fabric of the city, James A. Anderson said. “Also Baltimores commitment to provide scholarships for the CIAA institutions and overall support of the businesses and hotels”.

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