Dapper Dan (and the guests he dressed) arrive at the Met Gala

Harlem-based designer Dapper Dan, who’s currently collaborating with Gucci, hit the red carpet in a red jacket embroidered with light blue flowers.

He dressed many of tonight’s guests, including model Karlie Kloss, who is in a super-short mini dress featuring statement puff sleeves.
Some background about Dapper Dan: He outfitted a generation of gangsters, rappers, and athletes by putting high fashion logos onto bespoke pieces more tailored for the streets. His Harlem store was shut down in the early ’90s after the houses whose logos he pulled without authorization took notice.
Fast forward to 2017, when Gucci was being called out for ripping off one of his bootleg designs, leading to an official collaboration, and the Italian house backing his own atelier.

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