Meek Mill Allegedly Denied at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas B/C of Prior Fight


Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ, “The racist hole that they [Cosmopolitan] have dug for themselves has just gotten deeper. Yesterday, when this incident unfolded, the chief security guard could not articulate a reason why Meek was denied entry and threatened with arrest. They’ve now come up with some fabricated claim through an anonymous source that Meek was involved in a fight on their property.”

Tacopina goes on … “Meek Mill was never involved in a fight on their property, ever and I challenge the Cosmopolitan to produce a video of such altercation or a contemporaneous incident report. The legal case against the Cosmopolitan just got stronger.”

Meek Mill was not racially profiled when he was denied entrance at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas — he was ordered to leave because of a past incident … so claims a Cosmo source.

Meek’s celebrity lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told TMZ, Meek is part of a long list of African-American rappers who were blacklisted from certain Vegas hotels. Tacopina has threatened the hotel with a lawsuit unless it apologizes, and STAT.

Cosmopolitan officially had nothing to say about the incident and did not issue an apology, but the Cosmo source says there was a prior incident where Meek was at the hotel and “fought with security guards.” The source claims Meek became persona non grata for that reason.

Tacopina told TMZ, “We have learned that the Cosmopolitan maintains a list of African American recording artists who should be denied access for no other reason than their culture and skin color.”

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