Nipsey Hussle Sister Samantha Wins Custody of His Daughter


It’s been well over a month now since the tragic death of L.A raper Nipsey Hussle and his family is still mourning his lost as well as making sure the daughter he left behind is well taken care of.

On Monday, Nipsey family appeared in court for a custody hearing with Nipsey Hussle’s daughter Emani biological mother Tanisha Foster. Nipsey Hussle sister Samantha smith has been fighting day and night in the courts to get custody of his 10 year old daughter after Nipsey’s Death.

She recently made an emergency request that was later denied during court which she argued that Tanisha Foster, Emani’s biological mother is not responsible to care for her daughter. Before Nipsey Hussle passed away, Samantha was helping assist with taking care of Emani.

Samantha has now won custody of his daughter.

An arrest warrant was just issued for Tanisha Foster arrested after she missed a court appearance over a 2017 DUI case and she has a criminal background.

Tanisha Foster was very upset leaving the court after losing custody of her daughter.

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