” The Chi” actor Jason Mitchell Fired From Show And Agency


Actor Jason Mitchell is facing major problems after recent allegations of inappropriate behavior. You may know him for his incredible acting debut starring as the late EazyE in the movie “Straight Outta Compton” as well as everyone’s favorite character “Donald” on the Showtime hit series “The Chi”

Well things aren’t looking to good for him right now because its being reported that he was dropped from his TV series and an upcoming movie, and dropped by his agency and management team!

Mitchell, 32, has starred in The Chi since its debut in 2018, but will not return for the upcoming third season after news of an “off-set incident” reached those involved with production, Deadline reports.

The decision to fire Mitchell from the Lena Waithe series comes after actress Tiffany Boone accused the star of sexual harassment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No further information is out regarding this incident but we will keep you posted!

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