IN ORDER FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLES OF BLACK WOMEN YOU MUST FIRST BE EDUCATED ABOUT BLACK WOMEN, IS VIOLA DAVIS WRONG? Viola Davis is often known for her leading roles in award-winning films and shows such as “Fences”, “The Help”, and “How to Get Away With Murder”. But while she is also an actress, she also takes time to educate people on social issues that affect not only women of color but people of color. Viola speaks about the challenges that women go through in a professional setting especially black women. While she understands that all women face issues, she recognizes white women have certain privileges. Davis was interviewed by human rights activist, Zainab Salbi, and was asked the question “What would you stay to white women who want to be educated and make a positive change in the world for women of color?” To answer that question, Viola simply said “Get to know me” and “Know that my journey is different than your journey.” She also stated that while the journey is different, we must understand that we are in it together. When one woman is suffering we have to take it very personally. Davis said “Sometimes privilege is seen very differently. Sometimes, for instance, beauty and how feminity is seen. The sort of ‘damsel in distress’ and the woman that needs to be saved sometimes does not have the face of a woman of color.” Learning and being educated about something changes your perspective on the subject.

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