Who’s the better rapper? Offset and Cardi B agreed to face-off during a rap battle


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Cardi B and Offset are hip hop’s flyest couple, Now the funny energetic couple agree to face off during a rap battle.

Cardi b issued the challenge to battle Offset Thursday and of course he accepted the challenge!

Cardi b said “What’s poppin’ husband?,” in an Instagram video “I challenge you to a rap battle on November 29 at 12 p.m. on the app Tik Tok. Whoever loses gotta buy all the Christmas decorations. All of them, all of them. [For] the [house] in New York, the one in Atlanta too. What’s up? Are you scare of wifey?”

“You’re on baby,” he replied!  “November 29, 12 p.m. I accept your challenge on the Tik Tok app. Let’s rap it up. Let’s go.”

Even though Cardi and Offset prepare to face off during a rap battle he’s also getting ready to drop his debut solo album on his birthday, December 14!


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