Starbucks CEO Apologizes


Two black men were waiting for a friend at a Philladelphia Starbucks store last week, but apparently this was a problem and the police were called by the store manager and they were arrested. The arrest was recorded and when different videos surfaced the internet, people became furious with a familiar story. While waiting on their friend, Starbucks denied entry to their bathroom because they didn’t buy anything, and when they didn’t leave, the police were called. The friend they were waiting even showed up while the police were making the arrest and they still proceeded with it. Protest and boycotts have been going on around the nation since news hit, and on Monday the CEO of Starbucks met with the gentlemen face-to-face to give an apology. The CEO also went on Good Morning America and a made statement saying store managers will be trained on “unconscious bias” and also stated that the store manager who called the police, is no longer at that store.

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